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Tang Jun Ye City attack Tiffany Blue Nike Free Runs Outlet when they Jubing against Tang Shi Siming, troops from the rescue Anqing Xu Fan Yang. Six hundred thousand Tang Jun, ready to battle with the military version, not enough time to host a roundtable sudden burst of wind blowing, blowing sand and dust filled the air, incredibly hard. Nine armies do not have a unified command, they all fled like frightened horses as a.defeated Tang Jun, Yu Zhaoen the responsibility for the failure of an old brain child pushed to Guo Ziyi. Tang Yu Chaoen Suzong listen to the words, the duties of Guo Ziyi Shuofang Jiedushi withdrawal, let Guo Ziyi Li Guangbi take over the duties.

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this time, rebels and infighting occurred. Shi Siming killed in the city of Anqing Xu Ye, Dayan himself as emperor, rectify troops to attack Luoyang aspects.Li Guangbi to Luoyang, Luoyang officials heard soldiers potential Meng Shi Siming, a little scared, it was argued retreated Tongguan Tiffany Blue Nike Free Runs. Li Guangbi said: "Now the two sides are evenly matched, we retreat, the enemy is more rampant, as the army moved to hayang (Henan Meng County), into the can attack, can fall back to."Li Guangbi ordered the withdrawal of all the officials and the people of Luoyang, troops to hayang, such as when Shi Siming into Luoyang, Luoyang has become a ghost town. Shi Siming dignitaries nobody, no grain to grain, Li Guangbi afraid to attack, and had troops out of the city, built in the south hayang good position, Tang Jun and Li Guangbi confrontation.

Li Guangbi is a battle-hardened veteran. He knows better than the rebels in front of troops had to outsmart, not force attack. He heard Shi Siming brought more than a thousand horses from Hebei, on the river sandbar bathe every day to graze, he ordered his men to mares together, again small tying horse stables, horses and other rebels to a sandbar , put the mare put out and the enemy's horses mixed. After a while, think pony mare, Ben screamed back, the enemy's horses also came along to Tangjun positions.Shi Siming suddenly lost thousands of horses, terribly angry, centralized command hundreds of men at once warships, from the sea to attack. With an open fire in front of the boat, ready to Tangjun pontoon burned.

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Li Guangbi snooping into the news, hundreds of ready thick long bamboo sticks, tie rod wrapped with armored head. And other rebels fire boat approaching, hundreds of soldiers standing on the pontoon boat with a bamboo pole to withstand fire. Fire boats can not go forward, was burned down side split mast, suddenly sank. Tang Jun, a stone cannon and launch the pontoon to attack an enemy warship, the enemy ship severely beaten. Some ship were sunk underwater; others struggled to climb the shore, desperately to escape. Shi Siming repeatedly in the Ministry sent into the mine hayang, Li Guangbi have been repulsed by meter.

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